Why Having A Policy Is Imperative To Every Car Driver

21/08/2012 10:22


Nature of vehicle insurance

A good proportion of drivers in the UK cringe at the sound of 'motor insurance premium'. This fear is not based on the renewal time looming- but instead, how they'll pay up another monthly instalment . Over the last couple of years, motor insurance premiums has seen a sharp rise in the motoring industry. It's now become the 'norms' for drivers to search for cheap and affordable policies- in order not to experience the consequence of not having one. Irrespective of how costly an insurance premium may be, it's still crucial that every motorist must have one . 

Why get a motor insurance policy?

In most or all countries car insurance is mandatory. Most importantly here in the United Kingdom, it is an essential requirement for every driver to have a valid cover for the sort of vehicle they are driving as regular checks are carried out daily by law enforcement agencies. There are numerous benefits to having an insurance policy- but the two most important are:
Coverage against claims from motorists or passengers looking to exercise legal obligation against a policy holder that is the major cause of an accident in which losses and or damages occurred as a result. 
It's always advisable to always be on the right side of the law- driving without a valid insurance would lead to your vehicle being impounded or you may even risk a driving ban for not adhering.

Repercussions of not having an insurance policy when driving

Avoid driving if you cannot afford an insurance cover on your vehicle. These are the consequences for driving without a valid motor insurance policy: 
  • Not having a valid insurance cover on your vehicle can generate points on your licence- and if you accumulate up to 12 points, you then get disqualified from driving- which can be a severe blow when you depend on your driving job to make a living .
  • Driving without an insurance premium do lead to driving bans if convicted by the local authorities.
  • Fines are usually imposed on drivers without adequate insurance cover on their vehicle. 
  • It might be astonishing, but people do get imprisoned in some special situations.

Things to observe before taking out a car insurance policy

New and young drivers can find it overwhelming trying to secure a policy on their own. The manner in which policies are written and structured can be extremely difficult for new drivers looking to purchase a car insurance policy- more experienced drivers within the family might need to explain it to them in simpler terms. Nevertheless, there are still important things to consider in a policy before even considering to buy it. These are just a few of the many factors to consider: 
  • There are three basic levels of coverage you can choose from- third party only, comprehensive and third party fire and theft cover. 
  • Consider the Level of excess you're comfortable with- Should incase you're involved in an accident, you'll be required to pay the excess you chose at the beginning of your policy.
  • Compare quotes by shopping around. Quotes differ from one insurance company to another- the more insurers you approach the more likelihood of you getting a cheaper premium.
  • Always observe the special conditions that applies to your policy- whether you're protected when you drive within other European countries, are you entitled to a courtesy vehicle should your car be out on repairs? are you allowed to drive other cars with the owners permission? 

5 ways to obtain low-cost quotes from insurers

Apparently, there is no cheapest car insurance provider. Basically, there are overwhelming variables that can influence the cost of vehicle insurance coverage: a few of these factors are- who you are, where you live, what work you do, the type of car you drive, your driving record for the last couple of years are all major components that would determine what price tag an insurer place on the policy. So your objective will now be to get the cheapest car insurance deal possible by:
  • Acquiring a car that falls within a low insurance group. Some examples of cars within the low insurance group bracket includes: Vauxhall Corsa, Fiat Punto and Nissan Micra because of their small engine sizes. Obviously, the bigger the engine size of the vehicle the more power it generates and the higher the insurance premium.
  • Two types of excess: compulsory excess is amount you've agreed with your insurer to pay in the event of an accident, voluntary excess is amount you're willing to pay - the higher your excess the cheaper your policy, vice versa.. Avoid over inflating your excess as the amount will be required of you should you be involved in an accident.
  • Putting your motor vehicle in a secure garage at night eliminates risk of it being stolen or damaged. Insurance companies reward you with lower premiums for lowering the risks of theft, burglary and criminal damage. 
  • Installing security gadgets like tracker, alarm and immobiliser often reduce or prevent theft of vehicles as such insurance companies reward drivers with such security measures with discount premiums on their policy.
  • Shop around, compare quotes, use car insurance comparison sites like car insurance cheapcarinsurancex.org to compare over 110 insurance companies from selected low cost insurers.

Where to get low-cost vehicle insurance quotes 

Uncovering discount premiums from insurance companies can be difficult when you don't know how. Good number ways you can find discover these elusive low cost quotes will be to minimize your perceived risk factor to the insurance company and compare insurers.


It cost more to drive your car without adequate insurance protection than when you have a valid cover : The cost and penalties you incur when you drive without a policy can be astronomical. Legal claims from third parties, your car being seized or scraped and settling third party litigations are all typical examples of risk motorists can encounter for not insuring their vehicle.
However, you only get peace of mind and confidence when you drive with the right type of policy cover as your covered by your insurance company for insurable risks. Always make sure you insure your car with at least the most basic level of cover before you drive on the road.