Selecting the right commercial van insurance for your business

29/01/2011 09:42

Commercial van insurance is mainly for vans that are solely used for the purpose of business use only. So, if your van is used primarily for conducting business then it's mandatory that you get a commercial van insurance for that purpose. If you're looking for protective measures against fire, theft, accidents and other natural disasters for your business and vehicles then commercial van insurance is what you need to keep your mind at rest always.

A viable way for keeping your business afloat is by making sure that all expenses and outgoings are kept to a minimum. This includes looking around for the most cost effective van insurance policy for your business. Getting the cheapest van insurance ( can save you money at the beginning but on the long run you could end up loosing a great deal due to the type of policy you purchased. So it's good to always be thorough when looking for the most appropriate insurance for your business otherwise yoo could end up loosing out on the best policy for your business.

The kinds of insurance policies that you can secure is often dependant on a number of criteria, factors like amount you wish to be covered by, the make and model of the your van, or perhaps vans that you own and the term of the cover.

Most insurance firms provide insurance cover for different organisations that ranges from big organisations, private firms and even sole proprietors. And the caliber of cover they provide also ranges from one organisation to the other. There are 3 major range of insurance coverage you can expect from most insurance companies; they include third party commercial insurance policy, third party fire and theft cover and fully comprehensive cover.

The fully comprehensive insurance coverage is for the protection of every eventualities perhaps thats why it's the most cumbersome and most expensive policy you can buy. This kind of insurance policy insures the liability for loss of life or personal injury to any individual in the van as well as protecting any kind of destruction to the property of the other party.

Part of the benefits of having comprehensive policy is that you're secured against theft of your van,against burglary, vandalism fire and also in some policies you're entitled to a courtesy van for the duration of your van being under repair. If you are planning on leaving your work equipments in your van over night then you must ensure that your policy covers against any losses that may occur.

Another type of policy cover is the third party fire and theft insurance policy which covers against damages and losses caused by any third party. This could be via accidents, theft, vandalism, burglary, fire and so on. It's worthwhile knowing that third party fire and theft insurance policy would not be liable in repairing your van as long as your van was damaged by a third party without an insurance cover.

This most basic cover is the third party commercial van insurance policy ( that only covers against liability from other third parties against damages to their van or vehicle. Third party policy cover do not often cover against business vans. So, if your involved in an accident then you will be personally responsible for the cost of repairing the third party's vehicle.

If you have an aged van or do not feel that your van is not worth very much then you can take out a third party commercial van insurance coverage to satisfy your legal responsibility of getting your van covered.

Depending on how your van is used, it may be worth opting for some of the additional add-ons offered by commercial van insurance providers, such as policies which extend to driving abroad and cover for legal expenses. 

Also endeavor to always do a van insurance comparison ( before you commit into any commercial car insurance policy (